CHEZ SAC, Carry your attitude and style

Handbag is a symbol of flair, the accessories in pursuit of style and attitude. Exquisite design offers elegance and chic to the soul of leather goods, the timeless choice ideal for fashionista. 

With over 20 year’s experience of appraising leather products, Chez Sac urges for the equilibrium between excellent quality and affordable prices. Chez Sac assembles luxurious yet budget-friendly leather goods from fashionable brands with European and American origins, including Buxton and Soprano.

Buxton was founded in Massachusetts, U.S.A. in 1898, when the Buxton couple started making leather pouches for visitors who travelled all the way to the scenic Mohawk Trail. The Buxton has grown their business over the years manufacturing finest personal leather accessories.

Soprano, as its named after the highest vocal range of a choir, stands out from the rest. The Canadian brand offers a wide range of leather collection, which varied from classic to runway-inspired design. Soprano gleams with pure quality, opulence and artistry, making the brand exceptional.