CHEZ SAC, Carry your attitude and style

Emphasis on preserving traditional craftsmanship and promoting the finest leather in the world, Chez Sac offers stylish bags made with high quality leathers, including calf leathers and goat leathers, to suit your specific needs or preferences. Made with genuine leather with subtle details, Chez Sac never disappoints.

Humidity and temperature could damage the condition of leather. Thus, the maintenance of leathers goods are essential.

A few tips from Chez Sac to keep your bags looking good!

- When the bag is not in use, do not squash it, fill the bag with cushion, tissue paper or silk paper to avoid the bag from losing its shape.

- Avoid contact with water, oil, perfume and substances containing alcohol. If your bag gets into contact with water, dab the leather surface lightly with tissue to absorb the liquid.

- Never machine wash your leather products

- Regularly apply a thin layer of mink oil to your leather items with a clean sponge, to keep it a glossy shine